Computer Systems

How to Purchase Computers for Your Company

Buy A Computer SystemThere are very few companies in the world nowadays that can function without using computers. The IT industry is one that develops at incredible speed, the computers you used last year might not be suitable for your business goals this year, so company computers need not only to be properly maintained and protected – they need to be completely replaced regularly. Using computers that enable employees to perform at the top of their capacities is absolutely essential for the success and profitability of businesses today, so here are a few aspects to take into consideration when preparing the purchase computers for your company.

Determining Software-Related Requirements

You need computers that are able to perform your corporate tasks, which also means computers that are able to support the software applications you need to use. Consequently, the first thing you need to do before purchasing computers is to put together a list with the software you need to run. The most common applications include office programs such word processing, spreadsheet programs, bookkeeping software, database management applications and desktop publishing programs, but most companies use industry-specific applications or custom-made programs as well, all of which have their own hardware-related requirements that must be met by your computers.

Determining Other Hardware Needs

The basic and most essential components of any computer are the processor, the hard drive, the keyboard, the monitor and, most probably, a printer as well. However, your corporate computers will probably need to cater for specific requirements as well – maybe your field of activity requires your employees to use CD or DVD drives, scanners, flash drives or external hard drives, so you need your new computers to be able to accommodate these peripheries as well. You will probably want to connect your corporate computers in a network, which brings other requirements into the picture as well and you will probably want to protect your network against problems related to power fluctuations, electrical surges or power cuts – case in which you will have to add uninterrupted power sources to the list of the items to buy.


Like we said, the IT industry is moving super-fast, but that does not mean you need to replace all your computers every few months – provided that you shop smartly. Make sure you purchase computers that can be upgraded, that allow you to replace the hard drive or to add more memory to your existing RAMs.

Warranty and Support

Purchasing computers is a serious investment and you will probably want to protect that investment, so make sure your vendor offers you the warranty and the technical support service that you are happy with. If a critical component in your system breaks down while still under warranty, you need your vendor to be able to supply the replacement part and to proceed with the installation in the shortest possible time, so make sure you take these aspects into consideration before purchasing new computers for your company – don’t forget, it is the success of your business that depends on these decisions.